Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Criss Waddle finally speaks on Showboy’s madness


Last week accraposts.com reported that one of AMG CEO Criss Waddle’s boys know in the social medial as Showboy has gone mad due to his inability to perform rituals assigned to him after he returned from Benin.

Criss Waddle has commented on the issue. In a  tweet called his now detached friend, Showboy, a mad man and an idiot but commended him for spurring him on in setting up the AMG record label.

Showboy, who is currently serving a 6-year jail term in the US, in a recent post on Snapchat called AMG signee Medikal a lowkey snitch as the latter now runs his own label dubbed AMG Beyond Kontrol.


The loudmouth also added that his position as a co-owner of the AMG label stays intact as he remains relevant in decision making at the label even from jail.

His post read, ”To sign to AMG Record label you need two signatures. I have my own office!! Come to me for the hype, don’t believe the internet lies… We dey run Streetz forreal.”

The incarcerated socialite’s influence on the label and AMG Business seems to have been confirmed as the CEO himself in a recent tweet admitted to his role in establishing the label.

Criss Waddle called Showboy a mad man and an idiot and yet credited him with keeping him focused on setting up the record label.

Waddle’s tweet read, ” In as much as I think Showboy is a mad man or an idiot of a brother, he definitely gave me the drive to form AMG. I needed that push and pressure @2hypegang he also gave me the pressure to record bie gya with @stonebwoyb.”

Waddle's tweet
Waddle’s tweet

He added that Showboy also gave him the urge to record one of his biggest hit songs in the country; bie gya which features Stonebwoy.

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